Arias Joins AJ Fernández Cigar Company As New Marketing Director

Starky Arias, Marketing Director for AJ Fernández Cigar Company

AJ Fernández Cigar Company has announced the hiring of its new marketing director. Starky Arias, a former representative of Cigar Rings, will take on the marketing director position as of March 1.

Arias has worked with the company previously, helping it design and come up with creative concepts for some of its new product launches. He’s served as creative director for many different brands through Cigar Rings, a company that handles the packaging and printing of cigar bands for a large portion of the industry.

“Starky has been our go-to with most of our new brand designs and concepts, whether they are my brands or the collaborations I work on. He and I have always had an amazing working relationship and I finally asked him to join our team” says AJ Fernández.