American Vaping Association Asks FedEx to Reverse Vape Ban

FedEx | Vape Ban

The American Vaping Association (AVA) has issued a letter to FedEx urging the carrier to reconsider its recent policy change that prohibits them from shipping or receiving vaping products. The letter was signed by 428 small business owners that warn against the ban, suggesting the new policy could have unintended consequences, including leading to an increase in smoking of traditional tobacco products that could lead to an increase in smoking-related deaths.

In 2020, Congress passed legislation that prohibited the United States Postal Service from delivering vaping products to consumers. Some private carriers like FedEx responded by updating their own policies to match this legislation, leaving vape businesses with fewer options to send product to consumers. According to the AVA, these recent changes have cost vape stores more in shipping costs and left consumers with fewer alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco products.