A Brand Reboot

    You don’t have to release a new product to boost sales. Learn how refreshing a brand or your packaging can give an established tobacco product new life in retail.


    For many tobacco brands, quality of material remains an important selling point for their products. Packaging, marketing collateral and press releases typically hype the quality of the tobacco used in the product’s blend or how the packaging will preserve the quality of the product contained within. That’s all well and good, but in order for a consumer to know whether or not some of those statements regarding quality are true or not, they must try the product. That also means they must purchase the product in order to validate said statements on quality—and that could be a problem.

    An easier way to encourage a consumer to make a purchase is to make the product visually attractive by focusing on its packaging and overall branding. Due to regulations, tobacco manufacturers are not able to make or release “new” products that often. That means they and retailers are forced to sell and promote products that have been on the market for years, which offers them the opportunity to establish the brand and build an audience but makes it difficult to appeal to new customers that may be seeking something “new.” That’s when a redesign of a product’s packaging or brand can attract new customers and boost sales of products that have been on the market for some time.

    Sancho Panza | 2022More and more manufacturers in the premium tobacco space are revising the look of products in their portfolio to bring new attention to established products. Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) has refreshed the look of several of its products this year. One of those brands given a new look was Sancho Panza, a brand the company has described as being “dependable” and “tried.” The company collaborated with Matt Booth to refresh the look and feel of this premium cigar line, making sure the branding respected the history and tradition of the brand while also appealing to today’s cigar smoker. Booth also worked on a new look for STG’s Los Statos Deluxe brand.

    When speaking on the makeover he created for Los Statos, Booth commented that the new branding was designed to “command the attention of both the traditionalist and pique the interest of the most discerning collectors simultaneously.”

    Companies from other tobacco categories can also pull in new customers and build brand awareness for heritage products through a branding refresh. In July 2022, the consumer products division of U.S. Tobacco Cooperative (USTC) unveiled a new packaging design for its 1839 cigarette line. The new design updated the look of 1839 to make it more contemporary and cleaner, hoping to make the products stand out on store shelves. The new design made the company’s logo more prominent, used bolder colors and highlighted the brand’s history of being a product of the work of tobacco farmers from North Carolina. The new packaging also solved a problem the product faced in retail: standing out as a viable choice for consumers in retail.