3 Tips for Selling Luxury Products and Experiences

    3 Tips for Selling Luxury Products and Experiences

    How does one sell a luxury brand like an S.T. Dupont lighter? Mark Cole, president of Coles of London, provides three tips that can help you sell higher-end products and experiences to anyone.

    1. Understand the customer. Always put yourself in the shoes of who you’re selling to.
    2. Talk to the customers. What is it that your customers want or expect from you and the product that you’re selling to them? Maintaining a close relationship with your customers and communicating with them regularly will help you build a business that appeals to them.
    3. Provide excellent service. Don’t strive to give your customers good customer service—give them excellent service. This is done by responding to any questions they have quickly, keeping them updated on your business and the products you’re selling, and providing other news and information that will help manage their expectations.

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