3 Tips for Making Boutique Brands Work for You

    3 Tips for Selling Boutique Cigars

    Jeffrey Amendola, co-owner of Amendola Family Cigar Company, notes that a lot of smaller brands get overlooked in a humidor because customers will often go after what they’re already familiar with. Here are some tips for making smaller brands more appealing to your potential customers:

    1. Make them stand out. Showcase boutique or newer brands in a place within your store that they are visible, easy to find and will stand out to the customer.
    2. Make the introduction. Tell the brand’s story to your customer. This can be done in person or digitally through an email, written post or video. You should be regularly introducing your customers to new brands and products. If they like it, they’ll urge other customers to try it.
    3. Make it a partnership. View your relationship with smaller brands as a partnership rather than a transaction. Instead of focusing on price point, work with the boutique brand to understand your store’s patrons. This will be vital to both you and the manufacturer and will help improve sales overall.

    Need to add more boutique brands to your store? Here are a few boutique premium cigar products available from Phillips & King that your customers will love:

    Fratello Classico
    This medium to full-bodied cigar combines well-aged long filler tobaccos grown in Nicaragua and Peru with a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and Ecuadorian Sumatra binder. These tobaccos create a flavor profile that’s the perfect balance of spice and cream. The 5 1/2 x 52 Robusto is perfect for those customers seeking a premium Nicaraguan cigar that won’t break the bank.

    Kristoff Maduro
    The dark and alluring wrapper of Maduro cigars always strikes a chord with cigar smokers new and old and this one from Kristoff is no different. The Kristoff Maduro is comprised of well-aged and well-fermented tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. With its Brazilian wrapper and mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, the Kristoff Maduro is a rich cigar with a notes of espresso, pepper and earth. Though many believe Maduros are strong cigars, this one will shock your customers with its medium, chewy, sweet profile.

    The Bourbon Cigar by Ted’s Cigars
    Cigars and bourbon are the perfect pairing but what’s even better is a cigar that combines the two in a blend and presentation that’ll get your customers talking. Ted’s Bourbon Cigar is crafted using a proprietary process that involves the cigar being aromatically seasoned with premium bourbon whisky. The result? A premium cigar with the characteristics of a premium bourbon. To make this cigar stand out even more, each cigar is packaged in a glass tube that’s hand-dipped in waxed and sealed in, making humidification unnecessary.