IPCPR 2017: Caldwell Cigar Co.

Caldwell Cigar Company IPCPR 2017

Caldwell Cigar Company IPCPR 2017In the boutique sector of the cigar industry, Robert Caldwell has left his mark. Quirky, offbeat and outright fun, Caldwell and his creations have no problem standing out and are often a welcome departure from what one would expect to find at the IPCPR. To match his cigars, the Caldwell Cigar Company booth was much the same–encased in wooden crates with eye-catching art pulling you in from the aisle.

One thing Caldwell’s booth had that was a surprise to many was Matt Booth, owner of Room 101. Earlier this year, Booth announced that he would be departing the cigar industry and taking his Room 101 cigar brand with him. Having previously worked with Davidoff and Camacho, it felt like a natural pairing to have Booth, who has his own unique style and take on the cigar industry, working with Robert Caldwell who has created a brand that’s artsy and fun.

Caldwell and Booth’s new collaboration, Hit & Run, was a big draw in the booth. The two began discussing working together soon after Booth left the industry and came up with this new mild-to-medium cigar that features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Indonesian binder, and Dominican filler. It’s full flavored and comes in 10-count boxes. It will be available in five different vitolas and is priced between $10 and $13.

Caldwell Cigar Company All Out Kings IPCPR 2017

Caldwell’s other popular cigars were on display in his booth including his collaboration with Drew Estate, the All Out Kings. Cigars that have come to define his brand such as Blind Man’s Bluff, Savages, and Long Live the King were also present.

Caldwell Cigar Company Long Live the King IPCPR 2017

Caldwell also teased yet another collaboration, this one done with Matt Booth and the man of the hour, AJ Fernandez. Like many AJ Fernandez cigars, this one will have a Nicaraguan wrapper, binder and filler and is due out sometime in September.

For all the latest from Caldwell Cigar Company, visit caldwellcigarco.com

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