AVO Cigars releasing Limited Edition 2017 Improvisation Series

AVO Cigars is revealing the details for the fifth installment of its AVO Limited Edition Improvisations Series–the AVO Improvisation LE17. The special cigar is...
La Palina Bronze Label

La Palina Bronze Label Debuts at Tobacconists’ Association of America 2017

La Palina is rolling out an exclusive for the 49th meeting of the Tobacconists’ Association of America in Cabo San Lucas (TAA). La Palina...
EIROA First 20 Colorado

C.L.E. Cigar Company Announces EIROA The First 20 Colorado

C.L.E. Cigar Company announced its plan to continue the EIROA The First 20 cigar line with the April 3, 2017, release of EIROA The...
FDA Vapor Associations HR 1136

Tobacco Harm Reduction Associations Join Forces to Support HR 1136

Similar to what’s been seen happening with cigar groups uniting to support bills to fight the FDA regulations, the same is now being seen...
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. To Remove “Additive-Free” From Labels

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. has reached an agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove “additive-free” from its Natural American...
Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary Maduro

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Ships 20th Anniversary

It’s taken two years of waiting for these cigars to age but Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is finally shipping its highly anticipated 20th Anniversary...
D'Crossier and Espinosa End Distribution Agreement

Espinosa and Pure Aroma Cigars, Inc. End Distribution Agreement

Espinosa and Pure Aroma Cigars, Inc., known for their as D’Crossier brand, are ending their distribution agreement, effective immediately. “Unfortunately at this moment, we are...
Mombacho Cigars, S.A. 11th Anniversary

Mombacho Cigars Celebrates 11th Anniversary

Mombacho Cigars celebrated its 11th anniversary with an annual festivity that the company hosted on a private island in Lake Nicaragua back in January...
Bahama Mamas Tranquilos

New Bahama Mamas Tranquilos To Hit the Market

Blend Maestro Company has announced it is bringing back more Bahama Mamas sizes, including its Tranquilos handmade natural leaf Cigarillos. Tranquilos was originally introduced...
TMA Christopher Greer

Christopher B. Greer Named President and CEO of TMA

Today, the Tobacco Merchants Association (TMA) has announced the appointment of Christopher B. Greer as the President and Chief Executive Officer of TMA. Previous...
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