General Cigar Company IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: General Cigar Company

Over the years, General Cigar has shifted from creating cigars to building brands and crafting experiences. Their booth has been big and expansive, a...
Drew Estate IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: Drew Estate

Whenever speaking of Drew Estate, I often sum up the company and what it does as "expect the unexpected." Drew Estate has made it...
Altadis USA IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: Altadis USA

Altadis USA is one of those must-attend booths at IPCPR each year and this year was no exception. There were so many new products...
Phillips & King IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: Phillips & King and Ventura Cigar Company

Phillips & King itself is not a cigar brand or manufacturer but a major distributor of cigar and tobacco products. Phillips & King is...
Cornelius & Anthony Señor Esugars

IPCPR 2017: Cornelius & Anthony

Cornelius & Anthony, owned by Steven Bailey, is a company that made a big splash at IPCPR 2016 where it showcased several new cigars....
AJ Fernandez IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: AJ Fernandez Cigars

This has been the year of AJ Fernandez. With so many collaborations with the big companies like General Cigar, Santa Clara and Altadis USA,...
Gurkha Cigars IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: Gurkha Cigars

Because of the FDA regulations, coming out with new blends was nearly impossible. Gurkha is fortunate enough to be among the select cigar companies...
Alec Bradley IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: Alec Bradley Cigars

Going into this year’s IPCPR, we knew Alec Bradley would be among the few at the show to have actual new products to feature....
La Flor Dominicana IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana is one of those companies that once it finds something that works for it, it sticks to it. Thus, its booth...
Oliva Cigar Co. IPCPR 2017

IPCPR 2017: Oliva Cigar Co.

At the front of the show but positioned to the right as the last booth was Oliva. Oliva was acquired by J. Cortès in...
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