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Hugh Cassar of Kretek International

Driven: Kretek International’s Hugh Cassar, Part 1

Thirty-five years after establishing Kretek International and overseeing the company’s aggressive expansion into nearly every aspect of the specialty tobacco industry, it’s hard to...
Sergio Montolfo | Phillips & King

Carving Out Your Share in the Marketplace

There are two ways to get more business: win new business or get your existing customers to spend more. It is important to ensure...
TPE Succeeding in a Changing Market

Succeeding in a Changing Market

The People Factor: Hiring well and incenting employees is critical to success at the retail level, noted Terry Gallagher, CEO of Smoker Friendly International....
Tommy Chong at Tobacco Plus Expo 2017

A Look Back at Tobacco Plus Expo 2017

With hundreds of industry-leading exhibitors and a 200 percent increase in booth traffic, the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2017 trade show was an invigorating way...
Juan Lopez, National Sales Manager of Gurkha Cigars

Listen Up: Marketing Tips from Gurkha’s Juan Lopez

When he was 19 years old, Juan Lopez had his first cigar at San Francisco’s Just a Cigar. That first cigar—a Joya de Nicaragua—was...
Ron Barcelo

Try Something Different: In Defense of Boutique Cigars and Spirits

People should be a bit more adventurous and get out and try different brands. It’s great to have a go-to smoke, whether it’s a...
Rodney Jerabek of Five Pawns

A Taste of Success: Five Pawns’ Rodney Jerabek

Rodney Jerabek has had a long love affair with flavor. Having traveled extensively, Jerabek has a palate that has been refined by cuisines, wines...
States are Incubators for Tobacco Legislation

The States are the Incubators for Tobacco Legislation

As we settle into the new year and start to pursue in earnest our personal goals of renewal and resolutions, state legislatures from coast...

Jonathan Drew on Reinventing Drew Estate, Part 2

The July/August 2017 issue of Tobacco Business magazine featured an exclusive interview with Jonathan Drew, President and Founder of Drew Estate and the recently...
Ted Swearingen of Uploading Profits primarily sells pipes and pipe tobacco. Pipe tobacco is considered to be a low-margin product, while pipes are generally more favorably marked up...
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